Sagitas HR & Executive Training

Our training programmes are designed to inform and skill participants in the use of The McQuaig Systemâ„¢ and the many techniques we have learned and perfected over 35 years.

McQuaig Level 1 Interpreter

Learn best practice in how to administer McQuaig across your organisation and interpret the reports to a basic level.

McQuaig Level 2 Interpreter

Take your McQuaig skills to the next stage with McQuaig Level 2 Accredited Interpreter training and complete your accredited training.

McQuaig Advanced Modules

Our Advanced Modules explore further key topics in the assessment and development of your people.

Designing your Recruitment & Selection Process

We bring you 35 years of accumulated learning and over 50 years of combined experience in the design of effective Recruitment & Selection Process Design.

Behavioural Interviewing & Probing Skills

Building on the insights gained from our ability and personality assessment tools; this programme builds the skills and delivers the techniques to further enhance the effectiveness of your interviews. 

Unconscious Bias

In Ireland's increasingly diverse community, Unconscious Bias can be a major liability in your hunt for Talent.  This short module helps participants to understand how Unconscious Bias can undermine their best laid plans.

Managing the Marginal Performer

Hidden within The McQuaig Suite of Tools is The McQuaig Word Survey Self Development Report.  This report, designed for feedback, can help unlock the hidden potential of your marginal and even top performers.  It offers easy to use explanations along with tips and guidance to maximise the power of their strengths and minimise the limitations of weaknesses that may be blocking performance.

Succession Planning

Few people stay with their employer for ever and many that do get promoted.  Either way they leave gaps and disruption whether they move on or move up.  We have the tools that deliver the insights to help guide decisions around career development and succession planning.

Who will be your next great discovery?  Uncover hidden talent within.

Building Effective Teams

Work teams are rarely selected as a unit.  They are built up over time and can often contain a mismatch of talents and abilities.  While diversity is undoubtedly an asset to any team, not all types can work together, effectively.  Often a simple change or role swap can unlock the true potential of a team.

Can we help you release the hidden tiger, or structure your next project team?

Online & in person Training

Our Training Courses and Modules are available for delivery in-person or as a series of bite-sized online sessions that can be scheduled to suit the needs of the busy diary.

Online & in person Consultancy

Not all interventions can be delivered by training,   Sometimes we need to explore an issue in greater depth or modify our standard training to meet a client's specific requirements.

Our online and in-person consulting sessions are flexible and adaptable to the needs of our Client.  Such sessions enable us to delve deeper into issues and offer advice based on our broad experience across a wide range of Irish business environments and settings.