Your People are Your Greatest Asset

We help our Clients to Select and Develop Great People

Sagitas Limited

Sagitas has been helping Irish Businesses to hire the best talent for over 35 years through the use of effective psychometric assessments and proven selection techniques.  These tools and techniques can be deployed across a broad range of management needs from Recruitment & Selection, through Induction, Personal and Leadership Development, Performance Management and Long-term Staff Retention.

How We Can Help

Recruitment & Selection

Targeting Talent

As Licensed Distributors of The McQuaig Systemâ„¢ since 1986, we have an unrivalled experience in the use of Psychometric Tools in the Irish context.

Our easy to use tools bring an uncanny accuracy to your selection decisions.

Our Recruitment Techniques are easy to use and drive informed decisions about your next hire.

Leadership & Career Development

Developing Potential

Our tool kit helps you to clearly assess potential.

We can help you to identify Leadership and Expert Potential within your people.

We can guide you with career planning and employee development to ensure effective succession and the achievement of your business goals through your people.

Performance Management

Maximising Potential

Performance Management is all about achieving potential and maximising the fit between your people and their goals and roles.

Maximum Performance is achieved by having the right people in the right roles and Leading, Motivating and Developing them according to their core needs.

Employee Engagement & Retention

Achieving Business Goals

When your Leaders understand your People and their Teams, their needs and their personal goals, that Leader can really bring their team to the next level of true engagement and commitment to the business.

Then things really begin to move, goals are achieved, objectives are met and knowledge, ability and retention really build to show results.

"You cannot build a successful business without successful people"

Let us help you to Select, Develop and Lead your own team of successful people to achieve your business goals and objectives by maximising their potential.